This is the meat and potatoes of my work over the years. While the rest of this site covers my passion for photography, more or less as a hobby, this area covers my profession. The style of my work here is vastly different than what you will find on the rest of the site simply due to personal taste versus brand guidelines and resources.

    This collection of assignments span over 11 years of freelance photography and design services, over nine years of which I employed as the head Photographer and Multimedia Design Specialist. I have collected thousands of photos, videos and designs by producing roughly 100 pieces of content each week! Content covering but not limited to food, product, events, training material, spices, tea, signage, labels  packaging, social media and all things marketing. I can take a project from conception and see it through to release.

Since the majority of this work was done while employed I do not own the rights to this media.  That being the case this area  is private and password protected and is only viewable upon request or for portfolio needs.

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